What does a christian dating relationship look like

27-Aug-2019 22:42

There was lots of laughing and looks of surprise when we told our story.So, when I share my thoughts on these questions, I want to emphasize that this is just my perspective/viewpoint on Christian dating.Pastor Mark sent us a list of potential discussion questions ahead of time.When I first glanced at the list, I was really intimidated about being on the panel.If David and I had dated for longer and spent considerable time questioning whether we were truly one another's soul mates, we probably would not have gotten married and that would have been a huge mistake.The point of Christian marriage is not about completing ourselves, but it is about serving the Lord together. " The question should be, "Can I serve the Lord better with this person than I can as a single person?

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By respecting her body, you're showing your love for her.For the girls, I recommend waiting for the guy to initiate even if you are interested. If you get to the point of wanting to pursue dating one person exclusively, I think it's wise to talk to your leaders and find out what they think of the person.