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18-May-2019 08:28

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With Microsoft’s new Groove service, users can grab and distribute music over-the-air to multiple devices at once, without using up precious storage space.

For those looking to switch finally over to using the built-in music client Groove Music for Windows 10, please view our many pieces covering it at length or visit Microsoft official site for more info.

Should you decide to just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at all of this, your Zune account will automatically upgrade to a Groove Music Pass account, which costs a month and gives you access to 40 million songs.

Of course, just how all of this unfolds depends upon your Zune account, and for the five or six of you reading this who might have one, Microsoft explains it all on its support page.

There are rumblings that some Zune power users might make an open source Zune client replacement.

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However, that doesn’t mean owners of Zune hardware are stuck in limbo with no way to access content on their devices.And that depends upon Microsoft making the data accessible.Perhaps that small beacon of hope is enough for you to hold onto the device.Only the music you paid for or used music credits to obtain will be allowed in, of course.

Android and other devices are a bit messier, but essentially the same process. While the software and Zune devices were an arguably a better fit than what’s being offered for many, the delivery mechanism was tied to an old way of doing things.