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28-Mar-2019 07:30

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The organization has tasked us with those responsibilities, but they didn’t tell us to become little martinet’s, jealously guarding our territory, privileges and access.

They didn’t require us to force developers to become supplicants who must kowtow in order to get the database they need to start developing. The business expects us to provide a service, and deliver it like any other well-run service.

A DBA should provide two things, a service and leadership.

For Grant Fritchey, it was whilst serving a role in the Scouts of America that he had his epiphany.

Our responsibilities as DBAs require us to set some direction on how to manage information within our databases and the organization.

We are like commissars in that we must maintain and enforce security mechanisms on the data from a business and regulatory standpoint.

We prepare for disaster, outages and deletions of the information that defines and supports the businesses that pay us.

Creative chaos and energy, if tactfully harnessed and directed, led to effective ways to perform team-based tasks.

Then he wondered why these skills couldn't be applied to the workplace.My first insight of the way to learn, and teach, these skills came from my long-time role in Scouting.