Updating firefox in linux

22-May-2019 18:34

My computer restarts maybe once a month and I’m in my browser for weeks at a stretch.If there was a critical security update for something like spectre or meltdown it is foreseeable that it would be days – or even a week or two – before it was applied on my computer.These Firefox builds are not only targeted at organizations, but also at individuals who prefer stability over new features, or who prefer a UI that doesn't change between releases and extensions that don't break upon upgrading Firefox.The latest Firefox ESR version is currently 60.3.0, released on October 23, while the latest regular Firefox release is 63.0.3.These ESR Firefox builds are intended for organizations like universities, governments, businesses, and others who need mass support deployment.Firefox ESR releases are maintained for more than one year, and only receive point (minor) releases containing security updates, coinciding with regular Firefox releases.The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency also issued an alert urging users and system administrators to review Mozilla's security advisory and act accordingly -- in other words, update your browser.

In terms of spectre and meltdown, btw, the Firefox development team says that 57.0.4 was released specifically to patch potential vulnerabilities that these pose and that “in the longer term, we have started experimenting with techniques to remove the information leak closer to the source, instead of just hiding the leak by disabling timers…” So it’s not the most recent version after all, since it should be 57.x not 54.x.To go through the process of updating it I could restart the browser and hope, or we can dig in a bit further. Click on that and yet another menu pops up: You’re getting closer!Click on the “hamburger” menu on the top right (three horizontal lines) you’ll get a menu full of options: They all look interesting, but none of them are what you seek! Choose “About Firefox” and theoretically if there’s an update, it should flag it: I say “theoretically” because as you can see, it has failed to identify that there are quite a few new versions available on the journey from 54.0 to 57.0.4. After a while you might see this pop up on your browser: Rather than wait for that, however, there’s another way to see if there’s something new: go to and see if this appears at the top of the screen: Go to that page by clicking on “Update”, then if you’re still not seeing an update pop up, look for the emergency “download from here” link near the bottom.Also note that using either the PPA or Snap package, a new Firefox profile will be used.

You will get multiple Firefox entries in your application menu though, because Firefox ESR does not use a different name or icon in the menu.You can add it and install Firefox ESR using the commands that follow: After installing this package, log out and in again to complete the installation. For enabling Snap support in other Linux distributions, see this page.

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