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12-May-2019 15:19

So my whole update process looks like this: When Wire Guard goes into the kernel, what will be different is that it will stop changing so much, or at least the version I use would stop changing so much because it would be whatever version was in the Fedora kernel.

The same would be true if ZFS was somehow put into the Linux kernel; I would stop running the latest development version and just stick with whatever the Fedora kernel had. I could run a released version of ZFS on Linux, which would basically stop that from updating all the time, and I could probably just freeze my Wire Guard version for a month or two if I wanted to.

It’s quite easy for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-derivative users to update their kernel, thanks to the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA.

Although it’s officially called a PPA, you cannot use it like other PPAs by adding them to your software sources list and expecting it to automatically update the kernel for you.

Disclaimer: As some of our literature may have mentioned before, updating your kernel does carry a (small) risk of breaking your system.

If this is the case, it’s usually easy to pick an older kernel at boot time that works, but something may always go wrong.

The absolute bottom of the list will probably contain some release candidate versions (which you can see by the “rc” in the name), but just above them should be the latest stable kernel (to make this easier to explain, at the time of writing the stable version was 4.1.2).

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No, gaming or Internet browsing aren’t excuses to try lowlatency. Now open up the Terminal, use the This command marks all files within the folder as “to be installed” and then performs the installation.Ah, the delicate yak shaving dance of updating my Fedora system's kernel.Life will be easier when Wire Guard is in the upstream kernel.If it’s x86_64, then you’re running the 64-bit version; otherwise, you’re running the 32-bit version. You can try out release candidates if you’d like, but they are a lot less tested than the stable releases.

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Stick with the stable kernel unless you are certain you need a release candidate version.If all I want to do on my home machine is update the kernel by itself, all I need to do is run '' and then wait a while as the RPMs are installed and then DKMS rebuilds the kernel modules for Wire Guard and ZFS on Linux for me.

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