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A premier lifestyle and Entertainment network providing a quality TV channel with ... The ITN channel is a television channel which broadcasts in Sri Lanka.

The channel's main focus is on news and programs that inform, inspire, educate and entertain in keeping with Sri La... Swarnavahini is a Sinhala language general entertainment and news television channel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The channel is known for airing religious spiritual content with primary f... Sirasa TV is a Sinhalese-language local television channel and features content such as news, kids entertainment, hit music videos, latest teledramas and popular reality shows. Rupavahini TV or Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), is the national (government) television network of Sri Lanka.

Similar to the above-described process, this site includes automatically created and managed links to video clips hosted by publicly available video servers Once a user of our site clicks on a link, the user's device establishes a direct connection with the video hosting server bypassing our site.

The interesting video to the user will be directly streamed from the public video server to the user's device. Our site only provides the initial link (or the pointer) required by the user's device to initiate a direct connection with a public video server.

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