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18-Jun-2019 17:33

if i were you I wouldn't hid that from my parents because they find in normal and they don't forbid me from dating, but you should imagine how your parents were going to react, if bad is it, you shouldn't…

In addition, if you don't tell your parents everything then they might find out and you will get in even more trouble than…

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If necessary, try writing down your thoughts so you can organize them.You should tell a parent or trusted adult that you are being bullied so that they can put… You should always tell your parents because chances are they have already realized and are thinking about talking to you.If you have understanding parents - or - they will find out eventually, then tell your parents first so you can explain the circumstances. There is no need to tell your parents about your personal grooming habits unless you really feel you need to… Your parents should deal with situations like this.So once you tell them about your boyfriend, chances are, they will have a thing or two to say about it. Of course, telling your parents about your boyfriend may not always result in a smooth conversation.

They might give you advice, or they might even explain some of their worries. They will have reservations and they will let you know all about them. Yes you should tell your parents everything because you would have a good relationship with your parents.

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