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Increasingly, the idea of having sex – with whomever – and having a girlfriend can become an obsession.This desire is further exacerbated by the pressure to date and, from both peers and the media, have sexual encounters with the opposite sex. For straight males, they often feel compelled to “prove” they are not gay and are cool enough to have “earned” a girlfriend.They also gain considerable social capital from having “experience” with females, even if the reality is somewhat different.Having a girlfriend is also a hallmark of popularity, which helps enhance a guy’s likeability even among those who don’t know him well – or at all.While the biological impulses ingrained in the male DNA are unlikely to disappear and can’t simply be ignored, there is an alternative.This includes mindfulness: gaining a better understanding and making more effort to exert control and to choose a life that is free of selfish female oppression.

Whether it’s innate or learned behavior, females – including those who have not quite reached the age of physical or emotional maturity – seem to fully understand what they need to do to manipulate and control males, especially in close personal relationships.As they grow from boys to teenagers to men, they are left with a problematic vulnerability that can weigh them down and cause significant misery, pain and financial loss in their lives.However, this doesn’t mean boys and men must accept it as destiny, as many have in the past.Many will obsessively masturbate to these various images, which they find hard to get out of their heads.

And when it comes to connecting more closely with those who they find sexually appealing, the driving force of heterosexual male biology can readily take over.In fact, experts have concluded that boys think about the subject every seven seconds.