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10-Jun-2019 15:46

It’s something we look back at and laugh about now, but at the time I was so embarrassed.

I figured he must think I’m an idiot, I don’t even know how to get home!

I was super picky and it was super easy for me to find a reason not to continue with a guy. Obviously I didn’t know I would end up marrying him at the time. Clearly it worked (and to think I had been about to delete you, Tinder! He had stated right there that he wasn’t looking for a hookup, but rather for something “with substance.” He wasn’t in your face I want a relationship, but it was clear he wasn’t on there for a one night stand either.

Plenty of guys will start a genuine conversation with a (somewhat) normal opener. I wasn’t necessarily banking on finding my next boyfriend on Tinder, but I was on there for a reason, wasn’t I?

I had dated enough assholes in my life, I didn’t any more experience with that.

Most of the time, when guys did ask me out on Tinder, I always said no.I’m not really someone to gush over a guy, but damn, that was some kiss.Since we lived in neighboring towns, we took the same way home, but I was so flustered by that kiss, I took the wrong turn right in front of him.Thankfully I recognized Reid the instant he walked in (we all know this could easily have been a horrible episode of Catfish.) As he walked over to me, all I could think was “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Fast forward an hour, neither of us wanted to leave for the movie yet.

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Thankfully there was a later showing, so we stayed for another drink and chatted away another hour. By the time we got to the movie, we still had so much to talk about we didn’t pay attention to a minute of it.I thought “why the hell not, it’s not like I’m having much luck when I manage to make it out.” I spent a couple of months matching with people and periodically going out on dates. I would match with a ton of people, only to exchange a message or two before one of us stopped replying.