Online dating nightmare custody battle

11-Jun-2019 09:34

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In this case, the judge found that Jill wanted to move to live with her fiancé.He found that Jack didn’t want his parenting time with Bart compromised. Since there was no bad faith, this factor was neutral.

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Part One: show the court a legitimate reason to move.

(Also, known as “in chambers.”) The judge did not report what Bart stated and did not give either parent any favor for this point. Moving Parent’s Income Considerations The judge next considered with Jill’s income would be enhanced.

In anticipation of the move, Jill had quit her job.

Factor 2: Quality of Life When the judge weighs the quality of life, he must also look at several sub-factors: a) The emotional, physical and developmental needs of the child, b) The child’s opinion as to where he wants to live, c) How much the moving parent’s income will be increased, d) How much the child’s living conditions would be increased, e) Any educational advantages, f) The quality of the relationship between the child and the parents, g) The strength of the child’s ties to the present community and extended family living there, h) How likely it would be that the move would increase hostilities between the parents, and i) The living conditions and employment opportunities of the relocating parent. Needs of the Child The judge first looked at whether the needs of the child would be met in another state.

Bart was active in sports and took piano lessons where he lived.

Jack asked the court to dismiss Jill’s complaint, or, to modify visitation and child support.

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