Okcupid dating persona test types

12-Aug-2019 21:13

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For every person complaining about user-hostile site design, there are three calling it good business sense. I met my wife on okcupid, and I was hopeful okcupid was going to work out for my best friend.I tried a lot of sites, and okcupid was the only one that delivered a satisfying dating experience.Apparently, they have a decent base in NY, but currently their Midwest member-base is limited. But, from a "change the world," or "next Big Thing" perspective it's sad to see.We love to think of startups as vehicles for innovation and change.On the plus side, there will soon be a hole in the market for someone making another non-match dating site.

There are privacy/stalker and scale concerns there though. Maybe a system where you get the description of the person as written by their friends (also members of the site)?

There was a similar site in the UK relatively recently, advertised quite heavily on TV I recall. I no longer have a TV so I don't know if they're still advertising.