Of changesets and updating work

24-May-2019 07:46

My next target is to make it a Visual Studio add-in…

If you are interested to get the complete source code of this tool, please feel free to drop me an email, I will zip them up and send it over.

Yes, I mentioned "22d ago" and the other ticket is titled "before 7 days," but that doesn't imply it's the same problem.

- merge selected changesets (you can select some changesets in grid) from source to target branch as one changeset (if you merge 5 changesets from target branch, 1 changeset will be in source branch).

In the above example, when the input changes, only the changeset's internal values are updated.

All merged changesets will be binded with this work item.After select end point current changeset will be merge and check in on each element of branch tree from start point to end point.