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In spite of the Stanford Tree's four-decade reign at the University, he has yet to earn official recognition by college brass. But if we had a category for terrifying, he'd be in that one too.Neither this, nor the fact that the tree is generally horrible to look at, have prevented it from becoming a beloved institution among both students and alumni. This guy is the stuff of childhood theme-park nightmares.This same year saw the retirement of associated mascot, Prince Lightfoot.For the next decade, the red-clad Stanford athletes were simply referred to as Cardinal (in reference to the color, as opposed to the bird).These competitions might be seen as training for the role.Indeed, volunteering to become the Tree comes with a guarantee that students from Stanford's arch-rival University of California, Berkeley will occasionally administer a beating.

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The lean, muscle-bound mammal is quite the intimidating presence whether on the hardwood or the football field. One look at his funky dance moves and you can see that he's more Michael Jackson than Mike Tyson.

Through much of his early life, the fuzzy and be-snouted Peter was a benign aardvark.