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18-Jun-2019 13:29

Which makes me happy their hip hop was first, and it was nice to see the fun light-hearted side of Madison.

For whatever reason these two aren’t connecting with the audience, which is why we saw them in the bottom two this week Benjamin & Anna: I feel like I understand why they were the ones to go home Monday night.

Two dances with their partner, a group dance, a solo, and they had six days to prepare for show day.

I’m really glad that Dominic pointed this out because I think it probably forgotten by some how little time they have to make sure their performance is as close to perfect as they can get it.

Their cha-cha was good to but you could tell that Bailey did struggle with the lifts.

Gino & Sophie: They were a new pairing and they also had a the two new choreographers Monday night.

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They’ve also worked together in the dance/rock group the Pinup Saints, in which she’s a lead singer and keyboardist.Gino and Sophie are my other pick to make the final four.I loved the contemporary by KC Monnie, it was beautifully danced by Sophie and Gino but I do wish Gino wasn’t on the props as much as he was. 306How deliciously fabulous was Betty and gang this week?

For one, finally we have a uniting of Marc, Amanda and Betty in their joint quest to unsurp the evil Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) from her newfound editorial position!

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