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18-Jun-2019 02:03

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There is nothing that you, as a parent, can do to help your child in school more than getting involved and staying involved in her schooling. With more activities and more homework, there may be more stress and more potential for error.According to the Palo Alto school district, this involves: Most importantly, listen to your child and look for any signs of distress. Time management skills are vital in high school, but teens haven't learned these skills yet.Extracurricular activities have a variety of benefits, as is shown in the same research by experts in British Columbia.Kids who are involved in extracurricular activities boast a slew of positive benefits including: Basically, participation in extracurricular activities will foster relationships with teachers - since most coaches and club leaders are teachers - and increase attachment to the school.Transitioning from middle school to high school can be difficult for a teenager.An unfamiliar building, new teachers, more students, and older teens can be intimidating.Teachers can provide support not only for academics, but they can also provide social support and advice.

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Save 30% off a premium membership by visiting care.com/momhour.Many teenagers are excited about entering high school, states research from the College of Brockport in New York.They look forward to having more freedom and growing up, as well as having more choices in the classes they take, activities they participate in and friends they have. Facing unfamiliar situations can cause a variety of emotions in anyone. Expect them to be excited one minute and nervous the next. There are some things that you can do to help decrease some of your teen's anxiety before school even starts. News and World Report advises that you make sure that you child goes to this event.Does she need one planner to write everything in or several planners to keep activities separate?

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Is she better with the calendar in her phone where she can set alarms to remind her of important events and deadlines?You may find that a conversation makes your child more relaxed about the thought of entering high school.

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