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04-Mar-2019 17:32

Creating a comprehensive decentralized, preer-2-peer banking processing, the crypto market has almost entered the mainstream market across the world.

After the blockchain technology has disrupted the conventions of fiat market, the space itself is having some in-platform developments, so as to persuade corporate, all types of internet content/product developers, and even governments to join the market.

They have been excluded from free movement financial markets, often leading them to crime, slavery and extreme cases such as human trafficking.

La La World has been set to bring some changes into the situations.

Feeling left out for not being able to access basic banking services or rights is quite an obvious thing, Being ‘unbanked and undeserved’ you can hardly feel good about life and there are millions more undergoing the same odds of this world.

The problems, especially in frontier and emerging market are that there is a rising number of unbanked families and migrants.

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