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They went on to win an Oscar for "Best Original Song" this past year for it; rightfully so, since "Enchanted" got nominated for 3 songs in that category v=JPb C2Yr UUs I This is a clip of them performing the song on David Letterman. Van Morrison- Comfortably Numb: This performance was part of Roger Waters 1990 concert in Berlin, Germany, where he performed Pink Floyd's "The Wall," in its entirety shortly after the Berlin Wall came down.

This song could be about friendship, it could be about love, it could be about two old friends running into each other at a bar, having a few drinks, reminiscing about old times, and sharing a cab home.

The song combines the organ, thundering drums, and a high squeeling guitar that makes me wish the album had 14 more songs on it. v=yj T6DGl Wy Bs This is straight up audio of the song, with just a picture of the band displayed. However, when he joined the Corrs onstage in his hometown of Dublin a few years back, very few remembered this great live version of this Ryan Adams original. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss- Killing the Blues: A bluegrass crooner with the voice of an angel and the screaming maniac lead singer of Led Zepplin get together to record an album of country/bluegrass/blues standards... Well, there isn't one; this album is great, and the two very different voices blend unnaturally to make a perfect pairing.