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And lastly there’s the birthday dump: This is when your date takes you out on your birthday for a very romantic candlelight dinner before walking you back to your apartment and then casually dumping you before he walks out of your apartment (and your life) for what would be the last time. Lucky for us daters, there is now an app for that, Wot Went Wrong, that actually tells the dumpee why they’re being let go. Wot Went Wrong is a Web app that literally takes all of the mystery out of dating dumps.These days, there are so many different break-up techniques, none of which ever informs the dumpee what went wrong or why it is that they’re being dumped in the first place. It gives the dumper an opportunity to tell us exactly what went wrong so that we no longer have to resort to Facebook Stalking, awkward apartment drive-bys, endless Google searches, or having to create a fake profile on an online dating site just so that we can anonymously keep tabs on our ex’s most recent dating activities.Also, you can become a verified webcam model on our site by contacting us with this comma, separated, list of requirements, which provides this comma, separated, list, of benefits.You’ll see the most camgirls and camboys have niches assigned.It’s a smart App that tells us once and for all why were dumped. Example of a ‘Confused’ Wot Went Wrong Request Hi Mr. All the signals I got indicated that things were going well with us, but then our communication stopped.I understand that something didn’t feel right for you and I would appreciate some feedback.You simply customize a form letter chosen from a variety of styles such as ‘flippant’, ‘cool’, ‘confused’ or ‘philosophical’, provide some feedback about your date, and let the app take care of the rest.

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These days, there are so many different kinds of break-up strategies out there; all of which I am proud to say that I have experienced (just for you)! I’ll call you.” Then months pass by and he never does actually call (or see you). We have never had the answers to any of these pressing questions…until now!This is a much more real life experience than chatting with a keyboard in a chatroom.