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Public domain books are our gateways lo the past, representing a wealth o F history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. I2B Bfodii^i r, J., Atiboopfin Ho Pifv Dni in February, IV ; Trvvk Unc* ot (^ft Jdtilarkii K LHTl-IWD ., . Mai'ks, notations and other marginalia present in Ihe original volume will appear in this file - a reminder o F this book's long journey from the publisher to a Iibrai7 and finally lo you. Usage guidelines Google is proud lo partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Tnu HBiit Hdu of Sfinnd Utrvuifc LSft Atmovphtrr i S f AWt Bntt Ali Artoot Rtlou^So Lihport Mvu^ iniuftliu. Public domain books belong lo the public and we are merely their custodians. Ift OJ irtt Bvibrii W Baiafftllkt Itftt Bktfrct, Rev. Klomfiii UFy 25 Vtriiitji-Hn Ji al T*mptr«timi m Cai^u or Z^oiyt of /tnotpfioric IBT Dl|by. Ktiiirull III tlic Kf J Sinith, C\ Micfaief Ctii Dniao F Ko Jfth TJttcolubtiit D Fain.. A gentkmati who hoa new spent two vintora in Canada, about a morth ago on Iciaving for Rnotknd remarked to the writer, "I wish 1 wore lo ivniajn In C*nftdn this sniuinfir; I S«]tti^m Tivr t Tijoye a climate that unoot be MEeell«d/' Tho annual prcnp Jl»tjori at tho whole of Ooia Ho lii^« betwt^cn 30 and 40 inch^H, whtdi is fairly evetity di^t trfbuteil tlim^ijflioiit the y^^r ; in Kuimuf^r. Tlw moao m AXttaum for the yc^tr lining 49'''9» thr mi^Aii ntinmium 4$*-3^ ihe luc Hii (Uily rnn^v vcmlil only br S'^-fi pnr tlici nir thi- n Man maiitmtm wn« fl4°'4, ih iite of A^^lf I'o^HUrinj;^ minimuin a« wall aa mnxriaum thf;rrn' fctitid to eorretpoml ^Hth that of III* Air for the taxn& pv Hoi], it it ou Ey whut mi^ht ho oxpei^iod, and ■Aj be r^ipui Jnl, indni J. - Ihimfripii Ullinlo U ....,, Culiuujivt] ,...,, oml- ifig montbt for tha i^n ycnm, 1890-99, culjtii^t^d to the mcmthly inoldoncc of mrk Ul of thirty ycura. Shaw, RK-S, rrrfl^iwrrf, [ir, C Tliflodorn ^VUliann.

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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. A public domam book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright tenn has expired. Whelhera book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Google This Js a digital copy of a book thai was preserved for generalions on library shelves before il was carefully scanned by Google as part of a projecl lo make Ihe world's books discoverable online. oik if Soplvubta ISO Hrri B, W, R, Qnvy l Uiii Ul on Julyilnl 117 Biif^hnn.

[I has sal's' ived long enough for Ihe copyright to expire and the booklo enter the public doma Ln. l Uivy Kbro4fr* ■^'"'^■"^P^ • *• I^ F*bcwr i Bcfc Mrsfmai^] Tr«a Uptoatvi hj ttir (Idv *l ti Luuwirj B»^iiic Ott Uoti B, Pslnruur 3dlht Cft M4wn tn Unt Jvnutf faupl « — . l^hc Ontdiio lumbcimtn, ihn farmrtr, And the br Li Jni**s man a II [imy fc^ra wnittfr with lou of mow nad i Uftdy coldj tbea« extb conditio Qi i»bich moan provpcrritj, nnd vrhcm the moifa be^Ti tt-L'iubisr, The climato of soijlliem Oulano is vei'y apprvci- nbly wi Limtir than ihut 'if l\w i Tiort* iior Lhi^m jiuit^ of thtj provjiice ; ncrfl ttiik ix Khnth of March a liul^ irarnrii^r ii waiild be w^l iii^h & porftrct c Umalc.