Dating vintage ludwig drums

13-Mar-2019 11:28

First up I’m going to take a look at the Ludwig Jazz festival; a timeless classic, this model became Ludwig’s most popular wood shell snare drum of all time.

It became the backbeat to Rock n’ Roll alongside the metal shell ‘Supraphonic 400’ and sold in huge quantity in the 1960s due to a certain drummer named Ringo.

Current market price for a drum in good condition is £250-300.

As I regularly get asked for recommendations on snare drums, and advice on getting vintage sounds in the studio, I thought I’d start a weekly column discussing various classic and vintage drums with some accompanying video content.

Originally the drum featured a ‘Large Pioneer’ throw, and was available in depths of 5.5 and 6.5”.

Finishes included mahogany, lacquer (two colour Duco) or pearl.

The strainer is the later P83 in chrome, but its fitted with the late 50’s round knob muffler.

Another is in natural mahogany with nickel on brass hardware and a red felt dampener (but a serial number that dates it to 1965)!

The first is a pre-serial in white pearl with nickel hardware and a rough ‘reza-cote’ interior date stamped 1960.If you are looking to begin your vintage snare collection, or you are looking for a classic vintage sound in the studio, then this would be a great starting point.