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01-May-2019 09:53

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After several months of practically everyone we knew asking if we were dating yet did she finally date me.

She turned him down because he wasn't religious enough, but had no problem using his feelings for her to get a new laptop, car rides when ever she needed to go somewhere, and so on. She claimed to be pious and a "follower of god" but from I am told she gave exceptional blowjobs. Her thing was to seduce guys to date her and use the opportunity and their attention to try to convert them to the LDS church.I nearly fell for it, and watched at least 4 other guys fall for it at first then get out, and one guy who DID fall for it, thought he was in love, joined the LDS chruch.get dumped by her while she moved on to recruit others. I had a friend who went through something like that.I don't know what was up with that but it was a pretty awkward relationship in hindsight. Was dating this one girl who was super into God but was a freak.

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Well being non religious, and generally wanting to bang her. Well teen me says "it's been fun but I'm going to collage...." breaks up with her....I'm pretty sure the church either overtly or covertly encourages this and has things organized such that the religion is using sex as a recruitment tool in this way.