Dating an alpha phi alpha

28-Jun-2019 18:38

Delts are proud to be involved with many activities on campus and also within the community.

We stay very busy throughout the school year by taking part in weekly business meetings, fund raisers, rush activities, service projects, literary meetings, joints with other societies and a yearly spring weekend in Missouri.

It is in honor of these seven women that we start our literary meetings at seven minutes past the hour.

The women of Chi Beta stress friendship, unity and sisterhood within their society.

These groups hold weekly business meetings and literary programs, where members offer debates, orations, essays, declamations, dramatic monologues, readings, extemporaneous speeches and individual compositions.

Bell was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 10, 1963.

It wasn't long after graduating from Syracuse University that he was cast as smooth-talking schemer Ron Johnson on A Different World (1987).

The Nuers, as they are affectionately referred to, consider their bonds of brotherhood to be the strongest among the societies.

Letters: ΦΑNickname: Phis Founded: 1845Location: Beecher Hall, lower level Colors: Blue and White Motto: "Onward and Upward" Phi Alpha Literary Society for men was founded in 1845.Letters: ΓΝNickname: Nuers Founded: 1897Location: Lower Baxter Colors: Red and White Motto: "Know Thyself"Sisters: The women of Gamma Delta Founded in 1897, Gamma Nu bases its strength upon quality literary productions, brotherhood, organization and diverse social activities for all of Illinois College.