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04-Apr-2019 17:46's relationship expert Kate Taylor reveals the 10 ways to tell if the girl you are on a date with likes you.No, she’s not suddenly gripped by your upcoming trip to B&Q, she just wants to hear if you use the word “we”.Fourth: Men who are serious about you will stop dating other people, and they will stop acting like a bachelor—frequenting online dating sites, bars, pool halls and dance clubs.The fact is the singles scene no longer appeals to a man who is ready to marry.Obviously you can’t assume that every girl who ignores you is secretly in love – that way a million restraining orders lie – but do compare how she acts with you to everyone else.If you ask her out and she says she already has plans, don’t take it as rejection. If she rejects that too, without offering another day in return (“I can’t do Friday – how about Saturday? A woman who likes you will try to make it easy to get together.And if your guy’s own version of the biological clock isn’t telling him it’s time to commit, there’s absolutely no point in pushing him. Just because a man has sex with you does not mean he wants to be your boyfriend or future husband.You can make the mistake of giving him an ultimatum (as many women do), make promises about how great you’ll be to him, and even ultimately snag him, but I guarantee he’ll only end up resenting you for it, or worse—cheating or leaving. Don't play the game where you convince yourself -- and try to convince him, his friends, your friends and everyone's families -- that you have a meaningful relationship just because you're having sex.

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Signs To Read & Rules To Remember First: If a man wants to be married, he'll act like it. It is the woman's responsibility to not waste her time.Any woman who ever says the words, “So you play Clash of Clans? Ditto any woman who comes along to listen to your band rehearsal, watches you play football (especially on Fifa) and/or happily sits through a war documentary with you.She’ll either be flirtier and smilier with you than she is with other men, OR the total opposite.But so she can look up your zodiac sign, read your horoscope every day, and compare you to any man born that same month that she or her friends has ever dated.

Have you noticed a woman in your circle treating you like the living personification of Google? Girls ask men for advice for two reasons: it flatters you, and it gives them a casual excuse to start a conversation.

In a recent survey, 74% of women admitted they’d use stealth questioning to ascertain a man’s relationship status.

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