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26-Aug-2019 01:13

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You will have no longer have any secrets at all, and if one of the girls holds a grudge, it won’t be safe to leave your apartment. If you start dating a Cambodian woman, her Facebook posts will become a public “relationship report card” for the entire world see.

I mentioned earlier that Cambodian women often post about their feelings.

They also tend to use stupid, childish Facebook names instead of their real names.

So when you “friend” a Cambodian woman on Facebook, all of your friends back home will receive a notice saying something like “Thomas is now friends with Srey Sweet Lonely Cutie Kitten Face.” That’s not good.

Srey Sweet Lonely Cutie Kitten Face will probably have a lot of profile photos of herself in childish poses, like pouting and poking her cheek with her index finger. Even if she’s 22 years old, none of your friends will believe she is over 18. Once you become Facebook friends with three or four of these women, it will be very apparent to your family back home that you aren’t really in Cambodia “for the temples.” 2. Western women generally use Facebook to post about .

They post about their vacations, their hobbies, their kids’ soccer games, and other activities that nobody fucking cares about.

This will make you seem much more attractive to her. When they start posting comments all over your Facebook page in broken English, you’re going to look even creepier.

As an added bonus, she’ll be left wondering why you asked for her Facebook ID but then never sent her a friend request. It’s bad enough that you’re Facebook friends with a bunch of 22 year old Asian chicks who look 17.Most of them have their Facebook profiles set to “public,” so that everyone with internet access can see their photos and read their mopey status updates. If you meet a Cambodian woman who interests you, ask for her Facebook handle.