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I know for a fact that my life in Brazil would’ve been entirely different had I only stuck to English instead of trying to learn Portuguese.Brazil is such an exotic and amazing country that speaking only in English simply doesn’t do the country justice. That will give you the best experience for living in the country.I didn’t have any problems understanding anything and even watched television shows with problems.If you don’t already speak a similar Latin language like Spanish, Italian or French, give yourself at least six months to learn and become proficient in Portuguese.Geographically, Brazil is located in South America, but it doesn’t take long to realize that the country, its culture, and the people are almost like on another planet.In this guide, I want to introduce you to Brazil that I know, its culture and people.Since you’re in the country, you should be able to learn it fairly rapidly.

In the 20th century, Brazil experienced huge waves of immigration.It took me about 3 months to get fairly decent at Portuguese and another 3 months to become fairly fluent.After a year or so, I was able to converse with everyone and speak pretty decently.Although it’s spoken by people in the hospitality industry: hotels, restaurants, tours, etc.

It’s generally not spoken by regular people who have regular jobs.

Of course, many guys might indeed prefer a gorgeous girl even if she doesn’t exude super sexy charisma, but I’m one of those guys who really values the overall package: looks, personality, sexiness, charisma, sex, etc.