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And panel discussion moderator Adrienne Green, managing editor for The Atlantic magazine, cited statistics that showed the recidivism rate in the college-in-prison program is only 4 percent compared to roughly 60 percent nationally for the general incarceration population.A population that often survives in despair and desperation. For many, there has been little to no hope for them, whether inside or outside the prison walls, an experience that became even more daunting when then-President Bill Clinton’s get-super-tough crime bill of 1994 disallowed prisoners access to federal government-funded college education subsidies, such as Pell Grants.His grandmother gave him the nickname "Chevy" when he was two years old.Chase was a part of the Saturday Night Live (1975) cast from its debut until 1976, and then embarked on a highly successful movie career.

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Studies designed to encourage BPI participants to engage in personal thinking and critical analysis, and, as Hall noted, “I think one of the best things that enlivened me was to be able to sit in the classroom with my peers and exchange ideas without any type of prejudice or any type of judgment.” In fact, three years ago, a BPI contingent defeated a Harvard team in a debate competition.Panelist Lynn Novick spent four years filming a documentary about BPI.Novick, co-director of “The Vietnam War” PBS series along with acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, said her BPI project, called “College Behind Bars,” is expected to air on PBS in 2019.She tells of going first to Barnard, but leaving as it was not the right fit for her.

She talks of returning to Bard and of working on her senior project in Medieval History with her advisor, Julius Kirshner.Bard College is a small, private, liberal arts school (enrollment 1,900) nestled in the Hudson River Valley, approximately 100 miles north of New York City.