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29-Jun-2019 02:12

Don't get serious after you get a new horn, that's a waste of time, money, and learning experience.I, as a teacher and euphonium professional, wouldn't recommend you a new horn yet. Because you just basically said you aren't serious yet. I'd stick with a well playing 3 valve instrument for you.Joseph Alessi's euphonium of choice is a Yamaha YEP-321.Those instruments brand new cost on average 3-5 G's less than compensators. There's not really any situation where a non-compensating horn is going to be more beneficial than a compensating one, other than price.That said, Most compensating horns are just BETTER HORNS on top of playing more in tune.

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If aren't thinking 4 valves yet, don't bother worrying about a compensating horn.I believe my school has a fairly quality horn I can use so I should be set for the time being :)I disagree.Bad instruments can lead to detrimental tendencies.I used to play on one of those Yamaha non compensating student horns and I now play on a compensating Wilson.

I never ever used the fourth valve on the Yamaha because it was so out of tune, but on the Wilson it is definitely very useful (obviously).In the second shipping UPS Express (free taken by Thomann) it worked after 2 days including customs clearance.

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