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11-Apr-2019 17:28

Similar to above example 6-digit variety, but with a larger serial number font.

The reverse is blank without border and the obverse was changed slightly [1 TROY OUNCE] was centered and the Maple Leaf Logo was redesigned on some examples.Note the erratic number 7 in the bar pictured that indicates this was hand stamped. letter prefix is the only 1oz variety to demonstrate a period after each letter. We believe there are three possible varieties to include a smooth ‘E’, a frosted ‘E’ and a third variety with a roughly frosted ‘E’ some of which demonstrate a proof-like finish.Similar to above EI-9 variety but in attractive proof-like finish with frosted detail. serial prefix examples and confirmed that shape and weight of the encasements match those of other 1oz Engelhard promotional paperweights. Many FN and PR serial prefix examples demonstrate reverse variations of top right and bottom left hallmark border placement. We believe the most rare and highest premium examples include the proof-like finish with frosted logo and reverse stamping variation.The left and right sides of the rectangle are longer, and this appears to be the first Engelhard logo, and the ‘H’ and ‘A’ are noticably wider.

Believed to have been produced by Engelhard in 1980 for IMPEX Metals Corporation. Some of these have the original logo, as pictured here.Unlike the 1996 US Silver Eagle, a meaningful percentage of these 1oz Engelhard bars were melted during the 1979/1980 silver spike.