Adult chitchat

29-Mar-2019 01:55

My PF on waking is around 270 ( worse if I have forgotten my serevent the night before! I am much better than when the last thread was running - no longer 'a bit brittle' - Hooray!I have bought a breathing gadget (power breather)but frankly do not know if it is helping.Go to GP and see if there's something you can take for it, I'd say the pharmacy but probably best to go to GP with your asthma. Does anyone else find that Ventolin isn't very effective? It virtually disappeared until about 1970 when I had my first adult attack which was scary as we were living in Sierra Le one at the time.It wasn't too bad though until I had treatment ( chemo and rads) for breast cancer in 2006/7.Forgot to say the power breather I bought was medium/ average resistance and really I should have got the easier one as I struggle, so if you have poor Pfs as I do then it might be a tip. I've never had hayfever Giraffes but that does sound like it could be, DD gets it and she has asthma.The man that sold it to me (at the outdoor show I think it was) did say that I could ask my gp to prescribe the NHS version. She's definitely more affected by allergies than me, cleaning the rats make her wheeze.

It may sound daft but at night I find f I put Vicks on my chest last thing and breathe down the neck of my nightie then I sleep better-as long as I am propped up.I did this privately - through Dhs then health insurance but only to look at stabilising from pneumonia episde as health insurance will not cover chronic conditions.I was given a plan - which allows a higher dose of inhaled steroid than the asthma nurse would be allowed to suggest and I am stable now since going to this dose when I have the potential for a flare up usually stops the need for oral steroids ( I was needing a course every month at one stage! I think I am much like you - lacking in 'chest stamina' which affects walking and talking and pretty much everything.Interesting my asthma was dormant few a few years until I went to a subtrobical part of Australia.

I think the humidity and moulds etc triggared it back into action.I also have CFS which holds me back on physical improvment even when my breathing doesn't.